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The race to fill the ranks of the Fantastic Four reboot continues. While the majority of the major casting has already taken place, there are still some minor roles to fill. One of those is, apparently, the role of Harvey Elder. And the man that is most likely filling the shoes of Elder is Tim Blake Nelson.

Nelson has been in a ton of movies over his career, from films such as The Incredible Hulk to Fido to Syriana to Lincoln. Now he’ll be entering once more into the comic book movie world and playing Harvey Elder, a character that pretty much all FF fans will know more popularly as Mole Man.

tim blake nelson

Of course, the main villain in the FF reboot is none-other-than Doctor Doom. So don’t expect to see the Mole Man running around causing problems. Sources say that the Elder character won’t be putting on his Mole Man duds this time around (though I’m still hoping they bring him out for an after-credits scene). Which is, in my opinion, a relief. With the way super hero flicks seem to be cramming in as many people as possible these days, I welcome a movie with just one villain in it.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mole Man – he’s the baddie that the Fantastic Four fought in the very first issue of the comic. He lives beneath the Earth, hates humanity and tries to destroy it, and leads an army of creatures called Moloids.

What say the Nerd Readers? Any interest in eventually seeing the FF’s first enemy finally come to the big screen?


Source: THR

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