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ABOVE: Another proposed LEGO set is up for voting on LEGO idea site Cuusoo. This time it’s Jaws. In order for it to see reality, we’re gonna need a bigger vote. [Technabob]


That’s no moon. that’s a Deathstar gown. Do we have any volunteers to make a trench run? [501st]


Paper craft Adams Family house by Alan Ronay What’s cooky and all together spooky is Alan charging $345 for it on his Etsy shop. $345 for folded paper! [NerdApproved]


Hand made TARDIS dress for sale. Beautiful, but at $299, it’ll make your wallet wibbly wobbly [GAS]

Amazing facts about Spider-Man. What’s that now, Micheal Jackson wanted to be what superhero?  [Buzzfeed]

How videogame characters eat food. I immediately call shenanigans. Gamers don’t eat salad. And salad is food?  [Dorkly]

How does Spider-Man get around when he’s all out of webbing? Parkour, of course!  Great, now try it with Daredevil. [RonnieStreetStunts]

Filmmaker and Masters of the Universe fan Daniel Benedict wants you to throw money at the screen to Kickstart his own He-Man fan film. With pro wrestler Brian Cage playing the man with the power. While we wait for Hollywood to get off their butts to make a MOTU movie, fans like Dan wanna have fun and make a movie of their own. [Kickstarter]

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