Prepare Your Butts! ‘Sharknado 3’ is On the Way!


What does the SyFy channel need more than anything else? Aside from good science fiction shows, that is… Why the answer is obvious! More Sharknado sequels! Yes, sharks raining from the sky have apparently become the big thing over at SyFy, as they are now planning yet another installment of the franchise. Prepare yourselves, Nerd Readers, for Sharknado 3 is coming!

The powers-that-be over at SyFy have made the official announcement that development on the third Sharknado extravaganza is about ready to start development. This announcement comes before the release of the second installment in the franchise, Sharknado: The Second One (you have to love their action-packed titles), which will occur come July 30th of this year.

But Sharknado fans need not fear that Sharknado: Yet Another One (title made up for journalist purposes) will take long to reach SyFy. After all, exactly how long does it take them to make one of these things? Like two months, start to finish? Hell, they should just turn it into a Sharknado weekly television series! Now that’s something I could get behind. Better yet, a Sharknado reality show – fifty sharks are forced to live in the same tornado together. Drama for days!

But seriously, just look to summer of 2015 for the third flick. Or, if these movies continue to gather the attention that the first one did, you might even be able to catch a theater screening.

Any comments from the Nerd Readers? You all geared up for an endless stream of sharks and tornados as they attempt to take down the big cities of the world?


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