Check Out the Teaser for ‘Star Wars Rebels’

star wars rebels

We may have just been given the low-down on the casting for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII flick, but it’s still a long ways to go before we get a glimpse at what Disney and J.J. Abrams are putting together for us this time around. Luckily, there are plenty of other Star Wars properties in the works, one of them being the animated Star Wars Rebels television show. Now, we actually get to see some of what that will look like. This trailer may only be a few seconds long, but you should watch it anyways.

Set in the Star Wars universe as the Empire is seizing power, Star Wars Rebels promises some interesting adventures in the typical animated tradition of the franchise. Follow the starship Ghost and its crew as they resist the Empire and battle the baddies when Star Wars Rebels premieres in fall on the Disney Channel and then continues as a regular series on Disney XD.


Source: Star Wars (YouTube)

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