I really do miss good television. The early 90’s was an overload of amazing TVshows; from David the Gnome to Eureeka’s Castle, from The Elephant Show to Dinosaurs and even from The Wonder Years, to Saved By the Bell, Rescue 911 and, of course, Boy Meets World. When I first discovered that Boy Meets World was being “re-invented” as a new show, now known as Girl Meets World, bringing back some of the the original characters I was beside myself. I won’t lie, I got really excited, probably more so then i should have. But hey, I grew up in the 90’s and television was never like it ever will be again. True fact.

But a couple weeks ago, a short “clip” from the pilot was released and I thought to myself, “oh shit, this is going to be horrible.” And then I saw the full trailer (below), and it had a few redeeming qualities.

Number one, of course, being Ben Savage. Number two, Danielle Fishel. The relationship they shared on-screen back on Boy Meets World was simply, incredible, and they will always be one of my top favorite tv couples (my number one being Buffy and Angel if you must know).  And to have them return, even it is on the Disney Channel, is a wonderful way to help re-live my pre-teen years. And it actually might be somewhat OK. I am looking forward to it. It might not be a show I will end up watching every week faithfully like I do Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, but to be able to have a show like it on TV is a huge step forward. Afterall, Teen Mom is getting to be quite the disaster. Check out the trailer below and judge for yourself:

Girl Meets World premiers on Friday June 27, 2014. But until then, check out the newly released full trailer.


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