Sherlock Holmes

Word around the Internet water cooler has Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan, who is also his producing partner, selling a movie idea to Warner Bros. The pair have Derek Connelly (Jurassic Park) writing the script. What’s it all about?

That’s where things get a little foggy. The title is Cloaked, and is said to be something in the style of An American Werewolf in London; mixing horror and comedy with a heavier emphasis on the horror. The whole idea is said to come from Downey and when you’re riding a wave of popularity as big as Downey is, you can pitch pretty much anything, and get some serious looks from the powers that be in Hollywood.

Will Downey star in the film? That’s still unclear, but the smart money would say yes. You don’t bring a box office earner like Downey to the party and not have him dance.



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