Today is May the 4th. Which could only mean one thing. It’s Star Wars Day (May The 4th Be With You, get it? Don’t forget about Revenge of The 5th). To commemorate this auspicious day, Nerd Bastards presents unto you, for your galactic gawking pleasure, a set of Storm Trooper figurines from Sideshow Collectibles.

You may know Sideshow as the premier purveyors of plastic play things and other high end desirables. For the uninitiated –  as synonymous as Bose is to sound and fat kids are to cake, Sideshow is to collectibles. From Star Wars to Marvel, DC and many other brands, Sideshow makes with the pretty. Their ever growing assortment of statues and figurines is the stuff nerd dreams are made of. Nerd Bastards has been privileged to receive a sampling of their fine tokens to pop culture, in the way of Star Wars Clone Trooper Deluxe 501st Storm Trooper and Commander Wolffe 6th Scale Figurines. Let’s check these suckers out, shall we? Ready your eye holes and prepare to throw money at the screen. 


Before we go gaga over these two bad-boys, a quick word on what it’s like to receive a package from Sideshow Collectibles. I’m a 32 year old adult male (“adult” being questionable) who’s relatively in control of his faculties; holding myself to a higher regard and what not (though my wife will likely tell you otherwise). Receive a package from Sideshow Collectibles, and any sense of adulthood vanishes in a blink. I’m instantly 5 years old again. Picture yourself as me (frightening, I know), tearing into box as like it’s Christmas day. You unearth your prize and hold it aloft your head as if you were presenting a gift to god, but it’s yours – YOUR treasure, YOUR pleasure. Beholding your riches, you know you got something good, something special. And you haven’t even removed your collectible from its own classy containment unit yet (Sideshow’s packaging is a sight in and of itself – more on that in a minute). I’ll tell you, that wide-eyed sense of wonder is a feeling worth far more than money. That’s what Sideshow Collectible specializes in!

Onto the figures (well, actually, a little bit on the characters first)…

Say what you about the Star Wars prequels. There’s arguably more bad than good, but at the end of the day, it’s still Star Wars. One of the better things to come out of the new (unholy) film trilogy has been the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Series. It’s a broad statement, but here more characters are explored and better stories told. To much surprise, one of the more interesting set of characters have been the republics Clone Army. Thousands of troops who share the same face (cloned after Jango Fett) and are destined to a disposable fate. Yet, the troopers have different personalities and individualistic flair – different hair styles and distinctive armor. Though, most armor (color and unique features) is actually classed by rank, there are personal sigils and markings that make certain troopers stand out. If you watch the show you’ll come to know the difference from one trooper to the next.  One trooper of particular fame is Commander Wolffe. The leader of the 104th Battalion’s famed Wolfpack – who along with Jedi General Plo Kloon, were lone survivors from a merciless attack from Separatist warship The Malevolence. Then there’s the famed 501st. An elite legion of clone troopers serving under commanding officer Captain Rex, and one of the most well recognized battalions in the republic army.

Alright, now, the figures (finally)…

Even if you didn’t know who these characters were, the figurines are distinctive.  With their colorful and battled damaged armor you know right away these aren’t run of the mill troopers. It speaks volumes of Sideshow Collectibles astonishing sculpts and jaw dropping paint job that give these troopers a life and story of their own; making them hot items for the hardcore and even casual Star Wars fans.

Each figure comes in a sharp looking, 17 inch black,  package – with the Star Wars logo and pictures of the figures subtlety labeled around it. It’s simple yet so strikingly effective. And the best part about it is (and it actually took me a few go arounds to realize this) the front side of the boxes actually have a magnetized flip open clamshell that opens up to a viewing window, showing the figurine and its array of accessories housed inside. It’s specifically designed to enjoy in the box as much as it is outside of it. Neat!  And being that these are collectibles, you almost feel guilty for wanting to break into them. But, it is completely collector friendly, with no twisty ties or even tape that needs to be cut. The multiple plastic trays keep everything safe.

Alright, here we go, the meat and potatoes…

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 2.10.54 PM
The Clone Commander Wolffe Sixth Scale Figure comes loaded with:

(14) interchangeable hands
From The Clone Wars Season 3: Wolffe Head
Phase 1 Helmet with Rangefinder From The Clone Wars
Standard trooper boots
Trooper action boots
Season 4: Wolffe Head with Enhanced Cybernetic Eye Implant
Phase 2 Helmet with Rangefinder
EMP Grenades (Droid Poppers)
Jetpack Two
(2) Blaster Pistols Blaster Carbine
The Clone Wars Display Base

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 6.28.30 PM
The Clone Trooper Deluxe: 501st Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • (13) interchangeable hands
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 helmets
  • Fully Articulated Trooper body
  • 501st Legion Clone Armor
  • Backpack with Fabric Cover
  • Standard trooper boots
  • Trooper action boots
  • Four (4) Droid popper grenades
  • Z-6 rotary blaster cannon
  • DC-15A Blaster rifle
  • DC-15S Blaster carbine.

Both figurines clearly have a plethora of accessories, providing many acts of display. The selection of guns and two battle helmets are my personal favorites. Guns, because, well, guns (pew pew). Love having the phase 2 helmet as it’s more reminiscent of classic troopers from the original trilogy. I was never a fan of the prequel style helmets.  My only complaint is why do the figures have so many hands? Wouldn’t it make better sense to just make hands jointed at the fingers and palms to allot for different grips? The joints of the body are tight, but still have an incredible range of motion to allow for an almost limitless array of pose possibilities. Why not one set of hands that do the same? Staying on the topic of hands, I do take umbrage with how easily they pop out of their sockets when trying to insert a weapon and positioning the arm for a cool pose. If the pegs in the hands were as long and sturdy as the feet, it wouldn’t be an issue. But, it’s a minor gripe.

Talking about the sculpts, along with the paint jobs, they are the defining features of both figurines literally and figuratively. Quite simply, you do not get more detailed than this. The weathering and realism make the overall effect  tremendous. They exude a life and story all their own. That’s a testament to the quality standard of Sideshow. Their figurines are held to a higher standard because the company holds themselves to a higher regard

It’s tough to choose which figure is my favorite, but I lean more towards Commander Wolffe. The 501st Trooper is seen more in the movies and animated series and is more identifiable, but the figurine doesn’t come with a head sculpt – just helmets. The Commander Wolffe comes with not only 2 helmets, but 2, super detailed life-like heads. And, with that bad-ass scar across his eye, you know this is a character who has seen some shit. Commander Wolffe is a little bit more money as result of the various heads that come with him, but they give the figurine a better sense of character. 

They are both great figures. Tons of accessories with solid articulation and a great look – that’s pretty much the perfect recipe for a sixth scale figure. I’m not really sure that Sideshow (nor any other company) can do any better than this. The price point on these figures with run you $139.99 for the Clone Trooper Deluxe: 501st and $159.99 for Clone Commander Wolffe. A little steep for those who don’t have money to burn, but remember you’re paying for quality. And once you have one, you’ll see it was worth every penny. Even if you’re not a die hard Star Wars fan, you won’t wanna stop with one. You’ll wanna build your Grand Army of the Republic with all of your favorite Clone Troopers! Plus, with Sideshow Collectibles having payment plans for as little as $80 a month, they’re more affordable than you think.

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