Fox Debuts the First Trailer for ‘Gotham’

Gotham (Gordon)

As we reported just hours ago, Fox has given a series order to Gotham, the show about a young Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) fighting crime in Gotham City years before Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl.

The network is following up that big news with the first teaser trailer for the show, which gives us a lot of Gordon, a little of Wayne and glimpses of the villains and characters who will fill this anticipated show.

Yes, you see Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin but the main focus in this first taste is Jim Gordon, up-and-coming detective looking to clean up the dirty streets of Gotham. He consoles a young Bruce Wayne, who just lost his parents to a hooded shooter. Already I can see people getting upset at the Wayne murderer being hooded, cleverly concealing his face. You can bet many will groan if the writers toy with the killer’s identity and go against canon. But, hey, that’s to be expected when you’re in unchartered territory. Gotham is definitely in unchartered territory.

All in all, the little bit we see here is mostly promising, if not mind-blowing. It looks like, well, a network television show about Gotham City. A little cheesy, flashy and, for some reason, wet. The streets, the buildings – everything is wet. I guess things look darker and more dangerous when they’re soaked.

I don’t think this trailer will convince people who were already crying foul about the show. It’s going to enforce concerns that Fox is trying to make a young, hip, sexy Batman show that doesn’t even feature Batman. I’ve come to the point where I am neither here nor there, just a Batman fan hoping for the best and waiting to be pleasantly surprised.

Even if Gotham sucks, we’ll always have the comics.

Watch the trailer below and make up your mind. Thoughts?

Source: EW

BONUS! An extended (better) trailer has been uploaded by Fox. This one is much more promising, while still retaining some of the questionable elements that’ll make fans hold their breath.

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