There’s some great casting news from The Walking Dead camp. Seth Gilliam has joined the cast as a series regular. What does this mean for the show?

Let’s start with where you’ve seen Gilliam before:


That’s right, he is none other than Sugar Watkins from Starship Troopers, Gung-ho and ready to kill bugs. He’s been in a ton of other series and films, The Wire, Oz, a couple of the Law & Order‘s, as well as MTV‘s Teen Wolf as Doctor Alan Deaton.

The fact that he is entering the series as a regular is important, it means he will be a recurring character and not a one appearance and dead or gone. The smart money will be on Gilliam playing Gabriel Stokes.


Gabriel Stokes was the reverend of a regional community church. Not much of his personality or life before the outbreak has been revealed. The only detail given by the reverend was when he admitted to Rick and the rest of the group that during the initial zombie outbreak, he locked the doors to his church and allowed whole families of survivors to be killed by roamers.

Gabriel claimed he had been living in the church’s safety since the beginning of the epidemic, but the validity of his story, especially considering that it had been a full year since the outbreak began when the group encountered him, is questionable.

I’m betting that Stokes is the one who grabbed Beth and drove away in the car pictured below.


Whether or not Beth was kidnapped, or just saved from the zombies is still unclear, but Stokes is not known for his bravery when first introduced, so his grabbing Beth and hitting the gas, getting the heck out of Dodge and refusing to go back for Daryl is in character for him.

Now you’re going to hear a lot of others talk about Gilliam being the third actor from the wire to join the  cast, but hey, hire the best and you’re going to have some come from the same hit series.

We’ll find out before the series returns in the fall, AMC will have some teasers no doubt that will show us what role Gilliam is playing.

What do you think of this casting choice?

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