After numerous attempts by Peter Jackson (with the aid of 28 Days Later… screenwriter Alex Garland) and even a short film made by then-unknown Neill Blomkamp to try and get a Halo movie off the ground, it seems like we’re finally going to be treated to a live-action rendition of Master Chief’s planet-marauding adventures. Only they won’t be seen on the big screen.

Yes, the continued war for supremacy between TV and Cinema rages on, as a Halo series is reportedly on the horizon for Showtime. But will this be a tiny, Serenity-style character piece, or will Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV help bring all of the scope and grandeur of the XBox game into you living room week in and out?

Confirming rumors that have been swirling for months, Xbox Studios is said to have been developing a drama series along with Spielberg’s Amblin TV for more than a year and are now “close to a deal” with a pair of unnamed show-runners to adapt an “expansive bible” developed by screenwriter Stuart Beattie (Michael Mann’s Collateral). Beattie will be an Executive Producer with Spielberg, should the series come to pass, and the reason the deal has taken so long to develop is because Halo will be the first property to air on both Showtime and the XBox platform. The details on how the show will be structured (it isn’t envisioned to be a “straight-to-series” pickup) or how it will air (Showtime first before XBox?) are still vague, but it seems like a dramatic, live-action take on Halo is this much closer to becoming a reality.

What do you think? Should Neill Blomkamp return to direct the pilot (as it was previously rumored)? Who should play Master Chief? How big could a Showtime Halo series even be? Are you even excited for this to happen? It seems like it’s still too early to comment or speculate, but video game fans must be foaming at the mouth to know more.

Source: Variety

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