Fans celebrated May the 4th be with you day over the weekend with all kinds of viewing parties and celebrations, but fans weren’t the only ones having some fun.

Abrams and Kasdan sent out a message to fans to celebrate May 4th. Then Disney Chairman Bob Iger took a selfie with a yet unnamed Wookie, who could be Peter Mayhew all dressed up in the latest in Chewbacca costume, or perhaps just a tall person that Iger has them suit up for a quick picture. I’d say it was just a stand in because Mayhew would probably would have re-tweeted that on his Twitter account.

There was also some new casting call news. On Disney has placed a new call for a variety of extras in the U.K. area. Some of these might even have the possibility of becoming small speaking roles.


Salty Sea Dogs, Lords of Kobal, they’re looking for Popeye and Bluto. All the signs from this casting call points toward a return to a Cantina scene of some kind.


What do you think? I imagine they won’t have too much trouble getting some older sailor types to come in. Who wouldn’t like to tell their grand kids that they’ve got a bit in the new Star Wars movie. That would rocket you straight to the “A” list of grand parents.

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