What had been a rumor we reported late last month regarding the role of Han Solo/Harrison Ford in the new SW flick, as well as some other bits of dubious Episode VII info have apparently been confirmed via the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Get the dirt after the jumpy thing: 

According to EW:

sources with direct information about the project who spoke on condition of anonymity

confirmed said rumors.

The biggest of the lot is the word that Harrison Ford is considered a “co-lead” on the new film, along with:

three of the younger actors

Which of the new cast this refers to is apparently beyond the knowledge of our anonymous informants.

Here’s a run-down of the rest of the rumors confirmed by Entertainment Weekly’s Secret Keeper, most of which you have heard before, and many of which have been taken as givens for quite some time:

Full casting began this January

“Several roles have yet to be filled, including a major female part.”

“The initial Episode VII script penned by Michael Arndt has been significant overhauled by J.J. Abrams and co-writer Lawrence Kasdan. That stalled the casting process, as characters and plot details shifted.”

The main cast members – Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford – were all slated to return before Disney bought LucasfilmGeorge Lucas got them on board.

Luke, Leia and Han all have “significant roles.”

So yeah, maybe today isn’t a day of Earth-shattering revelations regarding Star Wars: Episode VII (Sweet Jesus, I cannot wait until I can start using a PROPER title for this film!).

However, the notion of Han Solo as essentially the most important Original Trilogy character in the film is fascinating:

Maybe this portends a shift away from the first six films–which were all, at their heart, tales of the Skywalker clan. Perhaps a deeper examination of the Solo family–past, present, and future–is what we’ll get in the new trilogy.

The EU got a pretty decent book series out of that idea, and while that means dick to the upcoming films, it doesn’t mean Disney/Lucasfilm haven’t taken a good look at what worked for the EU, and maybe brought back a lesson or two.

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