Remember when we earnestly rejoicing when it sounded like Joe Cornish might be behind the lens for the third Star Trek movie? Ah, the good ol’ days of…two months ago?

Then, just a few weeks ago, it was reported that writer/producer Roberto Orci was lobbying for the director’s chair for the as-of-yet untitled, Abrams-less installment. Today, Deadline is reporting that Orci has entered negotiations with Skydance Productions and Paramount to helm the film and is the frontrunner for the position.

Quoth Gary ‘Jonesy’ Jones: “I’m filing this in the “Who Gives A Shit” section of my Memory Warehouse.”

Orci, known the world over for his bad screenwriting and better conspiracy theories, is possibly the worst choice imaginable to take over the Trek series. Not only is it pretty much universally agreed upon by Trekkies that he and Alex Kurtzman straight-up boned Into Darkness, turning in the worst entry of the franchise, their latest atrocity gracing theaters is an affront to storytelling itself. I can’t imagine anyone being happy with this choice beyond the executives at Skydance and Paramount, who have found the ultimate “yes man” to take over for a director who didn’t really like the series anyway.

I guess if you want to completely dismiss the newly rebooted Trek in favor of those beautiful OST blus that have been sitting on your shelf, this is the perfect excuse. The series celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016 and I can’t imagine a bigger slap in the face to fans than releasing an Orci-helmed installment (which is more than likely what’s going to happen). I know we’re supposed to be eternally positive, as every movie is a gift, but fuck this noise.

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