May Up-Fronts are the time when TV fans get to both celebrate and lament their favorite series either getting picked up by a network or cast off into nothingness like the end of great Louis CK bit. And while genre fans are undoubtedly celebrating the renewal of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the announcement of a new Agent Carter series with Hayley Atwell (not to mention a Flash spin-off of Green Arrow), they’re probably disappointed by the announcement that the proposed Supernatural spin-off, Bloodlines, has been given the deathblow by the CW.

Called “Supernatural-lite” by certain reviewers, the critical reception to the backdoor pilot was mixed at best, flat-out negative at worst. A spooky romance involving werewolves and shape-shifters, Bloodlines would’ve needed serious fan support to be picked-up to series, but was met mostly with an unenthusiastic shrug by most viewers.

That’s not to say there will NEVER be a Supernatural spin-off; it just won’t be a continuation of the characters introduced in the Bloodlines arc. Fans have supported this show and (in some cases) saved it from cancellation entirely over the course of nine seasons. This fact isn’t lost on the The CW, and the notion that the upcoming tenth season may be the show’s last leaves a tried-and-true gap in the network’s schedule that needs to be filled ASAP. The only question now is what story or characters does another attempt at a spin-off follow? Is it a prequel — chronicling the early adventures of John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), progenitor of Sam and Dean? Or do the creators resurrect (pun intended) an old character to keep some semblance of the show going?

Only time will tell. For now, the continuing adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester can be viewed every Tuesday @ 9 on The CW.

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