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Holy geek-weekend hangover, Batman. Between the blue paint (I dressed up as Mystique) and loads of free comics, I barely made it out of Free Comic Book Day alive. This week, I took all your comments into consideration and focused less on the big boys and more on titles from Image and Darkhorse. Sit back and enjoy your comic book balance breakfast, courtesy of Pryde’s Picks.

This week, Marvel throws you on a roller coaster ride of emotions when they bring back Miles Morales and kill The Watcher. DC’s Batman titles fall more than a little short and Aquaman has me wondering why the hell anyone would care about him. Image stole the show this week with their unique and amazing titles Alex + Ada, Rat Queens and Nailbiter. 

As always, if you’re easily offended tread carefully. Pryde’s Picks is full of boisterous inappropriate humor and way too much geek rage.

This week features: Original Sin #1 Amazing Spider-Man #1 Cylops #1 Futures End #1 Batman Eternal #5 Batman Eternal #4 Batman Superman #10 Aquaman and the Others #2 Angel and Faith Season 10 #2 The Woods #1 Rat Queens #6 Alex + Ada #6 Nailbiter #1

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