It didn’t take long for NBC to promote a new clip from their upcoming DC Comics supernatural series Constantine. The first trailer hit the Internet over the weekend and this morning NBC followed that up with this new clip featuring lead Matt Ryan (Constantine) and Lucy Griffiths (Liv). 

I’ve got to say I think what we’ve seen so far is enough to get me to check out the first couple of episodes. My only fan-boy request is that Swamp Thing make an appearance.

What did you think? It was a little dark in the beginning, and I hope they don’t always just blacken the screen when they want to save on special effects costs. Overall this looks pretty damn good.

Some fans might bemoan the lack of Constantine’s trademark chain-smoking in the series, but the reality of marketing and image also have to be taken into account, as well as the medium the show is on, a public broadcasting station. They operate under stricter rules than cable shows. NBC most likely decided that this change in the character was small enough and not worth the hassle of fighting censors, public backlash, and bad press coverage. The show will have enough of that with the supernatural story lines.

Speaking of story lines, which of the Constantine story line do you want the series to tackle?

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