And you thought the announcement of the cast for Star Wars Episode VII would end the rumor mongering. Silly reader, if anything it’s more intense than ever, and as we inch closer to the beginning of principal photography, expect rumor collecting to go up, not down. So in that spirit, we’ve got some new rumors to discuss today, including some refining on just who Adam Driver might be playing in the film, and the details of the movie’s first big location shoot in Abu Dhabi.

First, we’ll approach the non-spoilery stuff, the Abu Dhabi shoot. The assumption is that the desert there will serve as the planet Tatooine, the most frequent pit stop for Star Wars movies across the entire saga, although usually it’s Tunisia that serves as the set for Luke Skywalker’s home world. The National , a newspaper in the United Arab Emarites, claims to have gotten a look at the set they’re building in the middle of nowhere, and described it thusly:

Our sources also report that the sets are getting closer to completion, with a “whole world” having been built on an otherworldly salt lake at one location, a “shuttle-like” spacecraft, a large tower, a “big, centuries-old-looking market”, something the crew are reportedly referring to as the “alien house” and 10 to 15 “really fast buggies” powered by jet engines (landspeeders of Tatooine fame from the previous films, perhaps?)

We have also been told that two lorries of explosives have been brought to one of the sites under high security and that a blast crater has been created. So, it looks like the action in Abu Dhabi could be set to feature a major battle or spacecraft crash of some description.

Not for nothing, but isn’t Tatooine supposed to be the @$$ end of the universe? So why do we keep ending up there in every movie? I guess we’ve got to have faith that J.J. Abrams and Co. know what they’re doing, right? (Hehheh) Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn says that second unit production has already begun on the film in Abu Dhabi as the first unit preps to begin shooting in London.

And now for the real meat, spoilers about the character Adam Driver is playing. Nothing is confirmed officially, but in the off chance that this below info is real, we’ll give you to the count of 10 to bail.











Now as previously discussed, there was a rumor made a few months ago that Driver was playing the bad guy in the film, a new Sith Lord. Well, according to Jedi News, that’s only half right.

Sounds like Adam Driver is NOT going to play a villain…sort of. He will be playing the son of Han and Leia, and it seems he will be seduced to the Dark Side, and a main plot point for the movie will be their attempt to rescue him.

If that at all sounds familiar, then you might remember a similar storyline from the Expanded Universe novel series where Han and Leia’s son Jacen succumbs to the Dark Side and his twin sister Jaina tries to save him. We also have a strong suspicion that newcomer Daisy Ridley will be playing Han and Leia’s daughter, which only adds fuel to the speculative fires that Abrams is going to act out some form of the Jacen/Jaina drama. That might explain why Lucasfilm pulled the plug on the EU, as in it was going to be too close, but not exactly, what was going to unfold in the new trilogy. And if this is the direction that Abrams wants to go in, what was original screenwriter Michael Arndt planning on doing?

Star Wars Episode VII is in theaters everywhere December 18, 2015.

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