The finale for season three of ABC‘s hit fairy tale show Once Upon a Time is bringing another new Disney character into the fold. Who could it be? *Spoilers inside, be fair warned.

One of the hottest new Disney franchises is making its way onto ABC’s Once Upon a Time. The Snow Queen herself, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen will be joining the cast in season four.

Frozen hit the $1.2 billion mark…wait…let that sink in. ONE-POINT-TWO-BILLION. Holy crap, is it any wonder that the producers of Once Upon a Time and Disney want to capitalize on the huge wave of success the Frozen movie is enjoying? I hear that damn song Let it Go everywhere. Check out this clip from the finale and then let’s talk some more about it.

Interesting, an almost Terminator like appearance. There were some fan/official posters and teasers floating out on the Internet as well:

Who will be playing the Frozen queen? It’s unclear if what we saw in the finale was a stand in, or if the role has been cast, but so far there is no official casting news from the Once Upon a Time production team. Who would you like to see cast in the role?

Some of the other big moments in last nights finale:

– Rumplestiltskin and Belle are now married.

– Regina’s quest for a happy life turned out to be temporary, as the woman Emma and Hook brought back through the time portal (who was supposed to be dead) turned out to be Maid Marian, Robin Hood’s dead wife. Let’s just say the Evil in Evil Queen came roaring back.

– Hook and Emma coupled up. He also revealed how he got to her in the first place – plus, he sold his ship for Emma. That counts for a lot.

– Snow and Charming’s newborn son’s name: Prince Neal, after the heroic Neal, who saved everyone by sacrificing himself.

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