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The release of the first look at the new batsuit was the highlight of many people’s day. Unfortunately, old Zack Snyder didn’t give us a proper color picture. But, thanks to the folks over at ComicBookMovie, we can at least have a close-up look at the new suit to catch some of the details. In addition to those pictures, we also bring you a look at the latest phenomenon – Sad Batman Memes. Poor Ben Affleck looks so bummed out in the new pic that some folks have gotten creative with him. Whatever your opinion on Batfleck, they’re definitely worth a look.

First and foremost, a few close-ups of the new batsuit (click on pictures for the super-sized version):

batfleck 1

batfleck 2

batfleck 3

batfleck 4

And then there’s this – a fan-made coloring of the suit. Is the new suit really the classic black and grey? If this rendition is at all accurate, I sure as hell hope so, cause it looks pretty fkn amazing:

batfleck color

Last but not least, the almighty Sad Batman. View, laugh, make them into your computer background images so you may be filled with joy all day:

sad batman 1

sad batman 2

sad batman 3

sad batman 4

sad batman 5

sad batman 6

sad batman 7

sad batman 8

sad batman 90

Oh, Internet. Did I ever mention how much I love you sometimes?


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