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ABOVE: Yeah… Cosplaying as an assassin does not guarantee you’ll be able to take a leap of faith just like an assassin. [Fashionably Geek]


Summertime is almost here! Time to break out those beach towels. And if you have one of these Star Wars towels you’ll be the coolest person at the pool. Assuming the pool is full of Star Wars fans, and if it isn’t, then why the hell are you even there!? Go to a better pool. [Nerd Approved]


Dorkly bravely combines Game of Thrones and cats for a winning comic. I mean really, Ser Pounce? Peace would finally come to Westeros if they supported more cats on the throne.


Here you go, the calculations needed to figure out how many Tribbles were on the Enterprise during the classic episode,”The Trouble With Tribbles.” Kyle Hill, a science journalist, is who figured it all out, see more Tribble science over at Neatogeek.


The Simpsons play the Game of Life in the series’ latest couch gag. [Geeks Are Sexy]

About time! Cinefix has finally given us a Homemade Trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Don’t tell me you haven’t imagined this same thing when the opening credits for Game of Thrones fly across that map–Super Mario World as Westeros–Genius! [Dorkly]

Godzilla may be in theatres this week, but he looks even more at home in Skyrim. [Kotaku]


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