The Internet had some strong opinions last month, (Imagine that!) about the possible talks that might make Channing Tatum‘s desire to play Gamibt in an X-Men movie a reality. Now there’s a bit of Gambit casting news that just might push those who were upset right over the cliff’s edge.

Our friends over at Total Film were on the Blue (In honor of Jennifer Lawrence‘s Mystique?) carpet at the X-Men X-Perience Global Tour at the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere and while talking with X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner, landed a nice casting confirmation. Check out the video below and met me on the other side to discuss.


Here is Tatum talking about wanting the role, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Well, they’ve moved beyond talks now and must have ink on contract or be so close to signing that unless Tatum changes his mind last minute, which is highly unlikely, Tatum is our new Gambit.

Donner mentions Deadpool and X-Force as a possible direction for the X-Men franchise to expand. Gambit has been a part of the X-Force team at various times in the comics. Gambit certainly isn’t ready for a solo movie, but would be a nice additional character in a Deadpool movie as well. Most likely we’ll get our first look at Tatum as Gambit in X-Men: Apocalypse.

If you read my post on Tatum’s desire to play the role then you know I’m OK with the casting and I’m willing to give Tatum an opportunity to prove all the naysayers wrong, what about you?


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