Fox is going all out for Gotham, the upcoming drama series that follows a young Detective Jim Gordon as he battles his way through the dark, corrupt city that Batman will someday call home. The network has picked up the show for an entire first season and is already promoting the hell out of this thing.

The latest promo is this three and a half minute featurette that gives us a taste of the show and what it’s all about. Simply put, Gotham will be about the seedy crimes of the city and the people who commit and investigate them.

Series creator Bruno Heller says what we’ve already heard: Gotham will be about young Gordon and his uphill battle to defeat the zany, outrageous villains breaking the law. But it’s also about those criminals, both well-known and new. Additionally, the show will focus heavily on the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, as well as the budding friendship between Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. As we all know, it’s a relationship that’ll last ages.

Interviews with the talent are all well and good but we’re still jonesing for more visuals from the show and this featurette gives us that in spades. We see a bunch of characters as well as the city itself. While I’ve sometimes been critical and cautious about the upcoming show, I can’t deny that I like what I see here. Gotham looks like a sprawling, dangerous metropolis and I love it. While he seems to be a little too intense, I also like what I see Ben McKenzie doing with the Gordon character. If that role doesn’t work then the whole show falls apart so we pray that he pulls it off. I can definitely see myself rooting for this guy.

There are other good bits in here, from our first look at Jada Pinkett Smith as a new character called Fish Mooney to Heller suggesting that the show will give us the origins of The Joker and The Scarecrow. Oh, what a tease!

Gotham will be hitting your TV this fall. Prepare thy DVR’s, Batfans.

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