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Bloody Wolverine and bloody Hugh Jackman. Being Fox’s most marketable super hero, they’ve managed to cram him into pretty much every comic book movie that they’ve made. But even Wolverine can’t last forever. Eventually, Jackman will move on to other things. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see our favorite angry scrapper in the future, it does mean that Fox might need to shift their focus and put another super hero into the forefront. According to actor James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence (aka Mystique) should be the one to take the torch once Jackman passes it on.

When chatting with IGN, McAvoy had these words to share:

“I think it’s kind of a surprise that nobody was looking at the Mystique character, or the Raven character, to be quite so prominent at the end of First Class. And yet that character’s grown so much, partly because they’ve got an incredible actress like Jennifer playing it. But yeah, maybe that could be a good one to go with.”

He also talked a bit about why Wolverine is so damned popular in the first place:

“There are so many interesting characters within the universe. Somebody like Logan, who’s got an amazing — the reason that he’s so interesting, the reason that has been the anchor for all of the movies so far and one of the most popular characters in the comic books is because, as much as he’s really tough and he’s got claws and he can heal, that’s all cool, but that’s not what’s interesting. What’s interesting is the fact that he’s got such a human dilemma. He’s got an existential f***ing nightmare, which is he can live forever, but he doesn’t know who he is… forever. [Laughs] That’s a really sort of poetic, existential nightmare to be going through. That’s why he’s been the anchor for all those movies for so long.”

Well, that may be the case to some, but Wolverine has been a bad-ass, comic-selling bastard for decades. People just love the pissed-off, kick-you-in-the-teeth attitude that Wolverine brings and Jackman has been pretty good at portraying it on the big screen. Of course, Jackman has said that he’s only got one more movie in him, so they’ll have to recast the role eventually.

Others are claiming that the recent casting of Channing Tatum as Gambit may indicate that Fox is actually trying to use that character as their new go-to hero. Gambit certainly has his fan-base, but Tatum in the driver’s seat has many grumbling that Fox has chosen the wrong man for the job (myself included). Whatever they decide to do, we’ve got a couple of years before we’ll know the outcome. It’s Jackman for X-Men: Apocalypse and from there… only time will tell.

What say the Nerd Readers? If you had to choose a new spotlighted hero, who would it be? Lawrence/Mystique? Tatum/Gambit? Or stick with Wolverine and whoever they get to play him in the future?


Source: IGN

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