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ABOVE: Falcon Sixth Scale figure from Captain America 2 by Hot Toys. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Anthony Mackie as Falcon in the film and features a finely detailed costume, LED light up flight backpack, Falcon’s signature wings, weapons, and a dynamic figure stand perfect for flight poses. You know, your wallet looks like a set of wings when opened. Falcon has wings. Coincidence? [SideshowCollectibles


Soooo Meaty…Food artist and grocery store meat manager Kieran Gormley (Epic Grinds on Tumblr) uses ground beef and pork to create fantastic meat sculptures based on characters from video games and pop culture. Vegans, where is your god now?  [GAS]


A hot impersonation of Hellgirl by Plymouth, Minnesota-based cosplayer and artist Alexandra Hanson. I’m surprised someone hasn’t made an adult themed Hellboy parody yet. “The Fist of Doom – a Hellboy XXX Parody by Axel Braun”, I’d buy that for a dollar.


For those that have a symbiotic relationship with their coffee, here’s Spider-Man Venom mug.  [GeekAlerts]


Alain Wildgen converts scenes from old video games to 3D artworks by hand. For each game, Alain looks for a good screenshot online and prints that on paper. He then adds depth to the scene by cutting the print into several pieces and using foam rubber to raise some of the pieces above the others.  Seems a simple and cheap way to add some video game decor to your domicile. Thanks Alain, I’m totally pilfering your idea.  [Technabob]

Gilbert Gottfried recites famous video game lines. Fus ro dah killed me. This was better than I expected. All video games characters from here on out should be voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. [Kotaku]

While I wish we could see the whole show, I like how those performing seem to be having a blast. I find myself wanting to see the whole Luke/Wampa fight. It’s all you could want from an Empire Strikes Back themed Burlesque show. [Geekenders]

Tyrion’s big speech during last week’s episode was given a bit of flair by YouTube user xerograde. I think it should go in the Game of Thrones box set. What do you think?

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