Max Landis is a young, hot name in Hollywood. He wrote Chronicle, the found-footage superhero movie that surprised audiences and critics alike. Since then, his name has been a rumored choice for many projects but now he’s supposedly attached to one you really didn’t see coming.

Max Landis is rumored to be writing the new Might Morphin’ Power Rangers movie. Told you you didn’t see it coming.

The scoop comes from SchmoesKnow, who say the young writer has already turned a draft in to producers Jim Miller and Alison Shearmur and Haim Saban. The recently-announced film is going to be a “re-imagining” of the popular 90’s kids show, featuring teenagers who are gifted with superpowers and tight, flashy suits and a talking sword and mechs and a whole bunch of weird crap. The show was, in a word, stupid but the movie will surely be more realistic and, of course, darker.

Despite the change in tone, Landis is still a surprising choice, mostly because he has railed against remakes and reboots on his controversial (and, to some, childish) Twitter feed. It seems like he would absolutely be against writing the Power Rangers film. But maybe he’s got a really great angle on it, a story that needs to be told. Maybe he’s cracked the nut and has come up with a Powers Rangers story worth his time.

It kind of a bummer if Landis is writing the film. While I personally think the guy is a bit scummy (okay, really scummy) he’s got talent and it gets tiring to see Hollywood take people who actually create original, exciting content and immediately attach them to the latest reboot, remake or sequel. But that’s the system for you. Oddly enough, it’s usually something Max Landis mocks. We’ll see if he’s still mocking the big machine or if he’s been swallowed up by it.

Does anyone out there have interest in a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers film? I can’t say I ever really watched the show but I think I might be the only one. This show was ridiculously popular when I was in grade school.

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