We’ve all seen the Batfleck and Batmobile picture from Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Batman VS Superman production released just about everywhere the last couple of days. Details are hard to pick out in that picture and we’ve seen some great Photoshopped examples adding color and light, not to mention all those funny Sad-Batman memes, but many people wondered how much was suit and how much was Ben Affleck. Now we’ve got some pictures of how Affleck’s training for the role is going and a nice “In the Shop” picture of the new Batmobile.

First off, let’s take a good look at the new Batmobile. Sagesurge’s Instagram posted this photo:

Here’s the first teaser picture that Snyder first posted that gives a better view of the back of the Batmobile:

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That is one mean looking machine. There’s no telling what tricks this version of the Batmobile can do. What hasn’t it done in the movies already?

I’m hoping we’ll see some form of Bat-plane in the movie as well. The odds are good, Superman flies and Batman would need something to follow him, unless we’re going to see Superman carrying Batman.


Now to those that worried about Affleck developing the build to play Batman we’ve got this series of photos of Affleck from JustJared. Now I’m not gonna say the Bat-suit has no padding, but it certainly didn’t need much.

I’ve gotta say he is looking good. Although the Bat-suit might seem to have nipples if it’s as tight as this T-shirt. Now Affleck isn’t where Cavill was during Man of Steel shooting (below), but he certainly looks to be closing in on those chest and arms.


Now let’s compare Affleck and Christian Bale from Batman Begins:

What do you think? I think Affleck is in approaching the physique needed to play the role. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when the two meet.


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