Gareth Edwards‘ new rendition of Godzilla opens tonight in theaters everywhere. But before that he was the guy known for making a micro-budget monster movie that looked like a blockbuster, and did it all on his friggin’ laptop. Monsters was one of a number of low-budget genre movies that showed that indie filmmakers could play with the big boys, and more often than not, put them to shame, and as it turned out, it was a proof of concept that showed Edwards was up for the job of making a new Godzilla. But now that Edwards has moved on to the big time, will we ever get a look back into the Monsters world? Good news! A sequel is on the way. It’s called Monsters: Dark Continent, and we have the trailer below.

The original Monsters focused on a couple trying to escape a Mexico swarming with creatures from space before the border’s shut down by the military. In Dark Continent, the action moves seven years after the events of the original, and the attempt to contain the aliens has failed and become a worldwide conflict. A soldier named Noah (Johnny Harris) is stranded in the “Infected Zone” while on a search and rescue mission when his unit is wiped out, and a tense battle for survival begins in a perilous and misbegotten land. The film was shot in Jordan, and directed by Tom Green. Not that one, but the British director who made several episodes of Misfits.

Watching the trailer it’s clear that they had a bit (or a lot) more money to play with, so there’s a reasonable chance it could be ruined by success, or it could end up being like 28 Weeks Later, an excellent follow-up with a bigger canvas, while still feeling like a proper continuation. Judge for yourself below.

Monsters: Dark Continent comes out in the U.K. this fall, but a North American release date hasn’t been set yet. We’ll let you know when they set one though.

Source: Blastr via IGN

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