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It’s going to be a busy weekend with Cannes roaring full blast. Attendees are seeing posters featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as King Conan for the upcoming film The Legend of Conan plastered everywhere. Are you ready to see the king in all his glory?

coanan as coanan

Just kidding!

Here’s the real deal:


As a long time Conan fan, when word started to spread about a new Conan movie with Arnold in the lead role I pretty much wet my pants. The comic book series King Conan holds a special place in my nerdy heart, and the thought of seeing any of it on the big screen gives me girlish giggles.

Now the reason these posters are all over Cannes is to generate extra funding and spread the risk around a little.

Universal Pictures is building up steam on the project with a script by Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center) already in hand and shooting scheduled when Arnold finishes shooting Terminator:Genesis.

Now that 2015 date might be a bit of an exaggeration. More likely we’ll see The Legend of Conan in the summer of 2016. They could make that Dec 2015 date, but I’d rather wait and get a Conan film that fans can celebrate.

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