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A 5-minute trailer for CW’s Flash series – spawned from the successful of Arrow – was released a few days ago. It was met with much rejoice. The way the Flash looked (red suit and identifiable lighting bolts on chest and ears) and moved (signature red blur and tremble), as well as his personality has left little for fan-boys to argue about. It seems most everyone is genuinely excited for this show. If Arrow is any indication of what DC and the CW can do in terms of bringing iconic heroes to the television screen, then The Flash should do pretty well. It certainly looks like it’s gonna be rad. 

OK, so, for you fans that didn’t get to enjoy the grandeur of the 90’s, and for those that do remember it fondly, there was a Flash live-action series that starred John Wesley Shipp and a post Star Wars/pre-Joker Mark Hamill.  It was campy as hell, but it was good enough being that super hero TV shows weren’t really the IN thing back in those days.  Anyways, it was announced that, as homage to the original 90s show, Shipp would have a mystery but recurring role on CWs revised Flash series. Many have speculated on what that role might be, but if you saw the 5-minute trailer you got a glimpse of Ship. And it’s fairly clear who he is. 

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The shot above was taken during Barry’s retelling of the moment his parents were killed by a mystery man in a ball of yellow light. Obviously, that yellow blur is a tease of Reverse Flash, one of Flash’s fiercest foes. Originally, I thought Shipp might actually be Reverse Flash, and how cool that would be. If you look, however, behind a young Barry screaming for his Mom, you’ll see John Wesley Shipp. Who is clearly playing young Barry’s father.

Others have speculated that Ship would be Barry’s father. And, truthfully, I sort of assumed it myself, since it’s perfect and a the father isn’t likely going to be a regular character. From the shoddy screen shot above, it’s all but confirmed.

Now, here’s the thing, Barry says his parents were killed but we don’t actually see them die. We seem them disappear and Barry ejected into the street. So who knows what actually happened to them. There’s still possibility, however unlikely, that Shipp could be Reverse Flash. Weirder twists have happened in television. What’s more likely, is that the Wheelchair guy is Reverse Flash – killed his parents, got hurt, then waited for Barry to get his powers so he could figure out how to get his back. Or, something like that.

In any case, what do you think of Shipp playing Barry’s father? Perfect homage, or would you prefer to see him in a grander role?


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