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Fans of Firefly have something to look forward to when Dallas Comic Con arrives in mid-May. For the folks at Quantum Mechanix Inc. have put together a line of action figures based off of the Firefly crew. That’s right, you can have you very own tiny-sized Malcolm Reynolds to place on your shelf so he can watch you while you do unspeakable things to yourself in the dark. Read on for all the details.

The figures are 12 inches tall and crafted with love and skill. We don’t have pictures of all the upcoming figures, but here are some pics detailing the Captain of the Firefly, Malcolm Reynolds. Check them out and see what you think (click to make them bigger!).

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Certainly is a lot prettier than some of the stuff that comes out these days. Of course, if you look at the price tag on the thing, you can understand why. This is no casual collector’s figure. Only those with the ca$h and the devotion will want to drop the $189.95 for this thing. But if you’re a Firefly fanatic, it might be just what you’re looking for.

Check out the official announcement on the figures below:

Featuring authentic likenesses, screen-accurate costumes and accessories unique to each character, the QMx 1:6 scale articulated figure line aims to deliver the most detailed replicas of the Firefly crew ever made.

The debut figure in the line, the 12-inch-tall Captain Malcolm Reynolds, can be previewed at the QMx booth (#1227) during Dallas Comic Con in Dallas, TX. Features include interchangeable hands, screen-accurate brown coat, holster, and boots made of fabric, microsuede and simulated leather, functioning buckles and buttons, and Captain Mal’s must-have accessories: a PAL communicator and his trusty pistol.

A special version of the figure available exclusively from will include the Lassiter laser pistol accessory with an extra hand to hold it with.
“Fans have longed for a quality line of Firefly figures for some time,” said Jared Chapman, director of product development at QMx. “From real, working costume details to incredibly accurate likenesses, we think fans will be blown away with what they’ll get from QMx.”

“Creating best-in-class realistic articulated figures for Firefly has always been a dream of ours,” said Quantum Mechanix CEO Andy Gore. “But we didn’t want to do it until we could do it right. And we think this Mal figure is everything we’ve hoped it could be.”

The Firefly Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Articulated Figure will retail for $189.95 and is expected to arrive Q3 2014. Fans can sign up to be notified when the figure is released by visiting the product page and adding their name to the wait list.

While the figure is certainly a work of art, personally I’d have issues with spending nearly $200 on it. But then again, I’m not really the target market here. What say the Nerd Readers? Would you shell out all those dollar bills to get a piece of this sweet Firefly pie?


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