This June, True Blood returns, bringing all of the boobs, blood, chiseled abs, vampires, werewolves and on-the-nose political metaphors with it. Season Seven is the show’s final hurrah and, if this first full-length trailer is any indication, it’s going to be a total slaughter-fest.

According to Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), the Hep-V vampires are out in full force and won’t stop until they kill every human in Bon Temps. “People blame me for what’s happened to this town,” she says. “I can’t take anybody else dying because of me.” Check it out:

For fans of the show, the wait to see how it all ends must be unbearable. Heck, even I can remember when sweet, innocent Sookie was all jittery with excitement about Merlotte’s getting its very first vampire customer. Now, as the series comes to a close, it feels like those days are merely a distant memory. It’ll be a real blast watching this beast kick of its farewell tour.

True Blood premieres June 22 at 9 PM EST on HBO.


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