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Star Wars: Episode VII – The Untitled Epic is finally to the point where the cameras are rolling and the really important bits and pieces of the film are being put together. And while there are plenty of rumors about what the movie will entail, the real details still remain a mystery. One thing seems certain, however – that J.J. Abrams knows how important it is that this movie brings back the glorious Star Wars Universe that we know and love (and that Lucas pissed all over with his prequels). Now, there’s a letter circulating across the world of the Internet in which Abrams reiterates to his cast and crew exactly how important it is that they get it right. Check it out below.

abrams note

Way to not put any pressure on your crew, Abrams. They know that if this one tanks then the world is waiting to burn them all in effigy. But seriously, it’s good to see that Abrams is getting hyped about the production. If everyone else on board is just as excited, we could be looking at a truly magnificent entry into the Star Wars franchise.

Check out Star Wars: Episode VII when it hits the big screen on December 18th of 2015.


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