Well, Duh: ‘Godzilla’ Sequel is on the Way


Hey, here’s some shocking news: Godzilla is getting a sequel.

Just kidding, that wasn’t shocking at all. Now while the the film’s amazing weekend all but guaranteed a sequel, there are a few questions about what is tentatively known as Godzilla 2.

Hot on the heels of its $93 million weekend haul (and that’s just domestically. Internationally, the film netted an additional $103 million), Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have confirmed that a Godzilla sequel is in the works. Deadline has more news on the deal. This isn’t surprising in the least and announcing the news now makes sense. Every country on Earth has come down with Godzilla Fever and announcing this sequel news quickly only ensures more people will head to theaters to see the behemoth stomp out San Francisco.

But the big news brings a few questions: most importantly, will Gareth Edwards direct the follow-up? Obviously the film is his for the taking but the man might want to pursue something else. Surely, he’s about to have his choice of damn near anything. The other big question is regarding the cast: who will return? As well, will the human characters be better written this time around? Where will Godzilla head to? What other monsters might appear? You can bet fans are starting to dream up the possibilities right about now.

Though we’ve already had Captain America: The Winter Soldier and (groan) The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla has brought on the official beginning of summer. And what a monstrous bang to start things off.  The giant lizard has been around for 60 years and he’s once again on top and kicking ass. Atta boy, Godzilla!

What do you want to see in Godzilla 2? Any annoying cities you want crushed?

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