This is surely going to please quite a few Star Wars fans out there.

While he has technically been “retired” for the better part of the last six years, word has it that JJ Abrams has reached out to poster legend Drew Struzan to design the one sheet for Episode VII…and Struzan has agreed to return to the pen and ink to do so. If this proves to be true, it’ll be a huge act of goodwill toward fans on the part of Abrams.

All of this comes from SchmoesKnow, who claim to have a source “close to Drew himself” that this is a “done deal”. The site says that an “announcement” is going to be made “very soon” and uses Struzan’s designing of a special How to Train Your Dragon 2 poster for this year’s Comic Con as proof that the news “makes sense”.

What do all of you make of this? To be honest — this feels like a “water is wet” situation. I don’t see any real reason to doubt the rumor, as Abrams is a noted Star Wars fanboy and would probably be foaming at the mouth to get the creator of all six posters for the previous installments to draw one for his. The real question would be whether or not Struzan accepts the offer (that probably has a giant dump truck filled with Disney money attached to it).

We’ll keep you updated.

Via: Cinema Blend

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