Hey, here’s a good idea, Larry Fong said this morning. I’m going to practice some of my kick ass card tricks, take a picture with my phone, and post in on my Twitter account. Fair enough, it’s a Tuesday after all and sometimes you have some time to kill. Except Fong is the cinematographer on Man of Steel 2 (AKA: Batman Vs Superman), and everything he says and posts is under the watchful eye of fans worldwide, so when he posted a picture of a playing card stuck in, well, something, the crowd went wild. But relax, it’s exactly the opposite of what you might think it is.

So let’s go to the tweet, which a lot of people thought was Fong’s mysterious hint that The Joker was going to play a big or small part in some way in Batman Vs Superman. Here’s the picture:


And here’s Fong’s response:

Me? I thought it was a hint that Gambit was in the movie. Come on! The Mary Sue seems to think Larry Fong is having some fun with everyone, purposefully tweaking fans with the highly suggestive picture, because if you’re working on a movie like Batman Vs Superman, and you take a picture of a playing card, you must be talking about The Joker, right? And if you’re not talking about The Joker, you know that showing the card is going to make other people think you’re talking about The Joker, because when you’re working on Batman Vs Supermanthat’s your whole life and you have no other interests, like card tricks. Let’s try and calm down people. It’s a long road to 2016.

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