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ABOVE: The cast of Firefly got together at Dallas ComicCon and staged this rather unceremonious group photo. They’re obviously having a little fun with themselves, but I imagine they often feel as they look when they get rolled to conventions and have to respond to awkward fan inquiries. Seriously, almost every Q&A I’ve been to, the most unprepared, unoriginal and confusing questions get asked. [NerdApproved


These Star Wars themed macaroons from Semi-Sweet Designs are the delicious treat you’re looking for. Screw your diet and let the Wookiee win.  [GAS]


Foogos is a freelance graphic artist, who happens to like making stuff out of food. Particularly pop culture logos, hence the name Foogos. I tried making a GOT pizza Foogo once, but it didn’t come out right. Not only was it burnt, but looked more like a Piscasso painting on acid. I salvaged it, by rolling the pizza up, stuck it on a stick and presented it as Ned Starks head on a spike. [Foogos]

If Game of Thrones had a Walking Dead style opening. Audio quality be damned, this was a damn good creative work. Though, what would GoT be without it’s 5 minute opening? [Dorkly]

Watch Dogs parkour in real life. What’s great about it is, this time it’s not parkour for parkour, this is well injected in the film and a thrilling chase. Gives you a good idea of how a Watch Dogs movie might play out. Now, I don’t do parkour, but I’m pretty sure I move with the same style and grace when someone tries to take my smart phone away.  [Devinsupertramp]

This is what Toy Story would look like as a horror movie! Tell me again why I thought it was a good idea to watch this at night? [EliteDaily]

Pokémon with Mortal Kombat fatalities. I’m relatively certain this is how PETA views the actual Pokémon games. [Dorkly]

In advance of X-Men: Days of Future Past opening this weekend, Screen Junkies has put together an Honest Trailer of the The X-Men Trilogy. They rip apart the series (particularly the 3rd one, and right so) the only way they can, with snarks and barks. [ScreenJunkies]

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