Two studios, one comic book company. The first studio owns the rights to anything X-Men or related to the M-word (“mutant”), and the second owns the rights to… Well, everything else except Spider-Man. Which one wins? According to one director, nobody, because the never-ending battle of who’s better than who at making comic book movies is “not healthy” for fans of the industry. The man in question is Bryan Singer, director of three X-Men movies, including the upcoming Days of Future Past, and in a recent interview we gave his thoughts on the navel gazing nerdery’s doing about who trumps who in comic book movies, and why he thinks its silly, and perhaps a bit invalid.

The subject came up while the director was talking to SciFiNow about Days, which has garnered some comparison to the Avengers franchise of films given the fact that it’s a coming together of several X-Men characters and actors from the previous six films produced under the X-Men flag. “The Avengers is a mash-up of massive single character franchises of incredibly familiar characters and Iron Man,” explained Singer in differentiation. “It’s not healthy for us [and] I’ll tell you why: they’re both comic-books and at some point you can expand the universes, that’s where the comparison ends.

“It’s very different universes,” the director continued. “The appeal is different and to try and do the same thing… this in an ‘inbetweequel’, okay, of two ensemble films, Avengers and the Marvel movies are individual franchises based on major characters that’s why there are some Marvel characters in Avengers that don’t have their own movie, because I don’t know if they had their own movie anyone would be that interested.”

Fair enough, but a lot of people are looking at the development of non-X-Men Marvel movies at Twentieth Century Fox, like X-Force and Deadpool, as signs that they’re using The Avengers as a template. Or rather they’re doing the reverse of what Marvel/Disney’s did with The Avengers. Instead of doing single character stories leading into a team movie, Fox has got its eyes on whole series of films based on the X-Men characters flowing from the team movie. In fact, Fox was trying to do that long before The Avengers when it developed two solo origin films for Wolverine and Magneto. One made it the big screen, the other did not, but the studio’s long had ambitions about more than one X-Men film every couple of years or so.

“They are huge, colossal franchises that are peppered with all these other characters that are, again, extremely famous and so yes, Fox will at some point synergise [the X-Men] characters and that process is slowly beginning,” Singer said, “but it’s very different than taking movies that gross close to a billion dollars and then pushing them together into these giant broad movies.”

He added, “If you want to give me Robert Downey Jr in a metal suit and have him join the X-Men, then yes, let’s go head-to-head [with Marvel Studios].”

As much as fans might want to see that, it’s unlikely to happen in the short term. In the case of the Avengers, those characters have a big advantage on the X-Men according to Singer. “We’re the bastard stepchild of the comic-book universe, you can go to my mom and she knows who Captain America is but you try and explain to her who Deadpool is? She doesn’t even know the Hulk – ‘You know, the Hulk! Green! Big guy!’ – so Gambit.”

Fair enough. Of course the same could be said about Iron Man in 2007 so…

What do you Bastards think of Singer’s comments? And remember, X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out this Friday.

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