I get the heebie jeebies just writing this article.

Of the many Stephen King adaptations in development, perhaps the most promising is ItThe films (that’s right, it’ll be two films) will be directed by Cary Fukunaga, hot on the heels of True Detective. The man has such a skillful eye that seeing him take on anything is exciting but seeing him tackle a classic balls-to-the-wall horror film? Even better.

While Fukunaga is still attached, the films themselves are moving.

THR says the adaptations will now be released by New Line rather than Warner Bros as previously planned. This is a shift but not a big one. Plus it makes plenty of sense. New Line is owned by Warner Bros so this isn’t like WB is losing the property entirely. More interestingly, this shows that New Line will once again be a studio focused on horror. As you’ve heard countless times, New Line got it start with The Nightmare on Elm Street and was once known as the go-to studio for scary movies. Obviously that’s changed but it seems that they are getting back into the game in a big, big way. A mammoth, two-part horror epic? That’s quite a comeback statement.

With Fukunaga in charge, two films to play with and a studio looking to make a splash in the genre, you can officially be excited for It. While I’m dying to see what others do with Pet Sematary and especially The Stand, I can’t deny that It looks like the real winner in the current crop of King adaptations.

For those who don’t know about It, the story is about a group of loser kids who band together to stop an evil, murderous force that terrorizes their small town. Years later, these same kids (now adults) most join again to finally slay the monster once and for all. Oh yeah, and the monster is in the form of a clown if that wasn’t scary enough already. The rumored plan is to have the first film follow the characters as kids and the second film follow them as adults. As is the case with most of King’s work, there is an awful lot of story to tell.

Good golly, this thing is going to scare the pants off of us.


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