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Things are looking up for director Gareth Edwards. His reboot of Godzilla just released and has made more than $200 million during its first week and now he has just landed one of the most sought after jobs in all of Hollywood. Prepare yourself, for Edwards will be taking the helm of the very first of the three Star Wars spin-off flicks in the works.

Though we do know that the first spin-off will release on December 16th of 2016, there’s still no word on what the subject of the film will be. No doubt Edwards knows, but Disney is keeping it from the general public for now. Hopefully, the revelation of Edwards as the director might prompt them to be a bit more forthcoming with what we can expect. Though even then it’s unlikely we’ll know more until, at the earliest, San Diego Comic Con rolls around.

Most people out there probably don’t know too much about Edwards, and for good reason. Aside from Godzilla, his main entry into the cinematic world was 2010’s Monsters (another big-banking movie), which he both wrote and directed. And other than the new Star Wars movie, he’s got nothing on his plate for the near future aside from a return to the Godzilla franchise once Legendary is ready to start in on the sequel.

So look forward to hearing a lot more of Edwards’ name in the coming years. With this much success so early in his career, he’s bound to start picking up top-notch jobs left and right.

Anyone out there seen the new Godzilla flick? Do you think Edwards’ talents would lend themselves well to a Star Wars spin-off? What part of the Star Wars universe would you like to see Disney explore first?


Source: Deadline

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