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ABOVE: Make up artist Elsa Rhae transforms herself into White Walker, Captain Planet, Mortal Kombat and more. The White Walking… it’s looking at me. I feel uncomfortable… I’m scared. Can someone hold me? Anyone? [Geekologie


If you want this LEGO Avengers Hellicarrier to be a reality, be sure to give it an upvote on LEGO IDEAS. Maybe introducing this set is really a secret plot from #Hydra to target the feet of everyone they deem a threat. Nerds rule the world, nerds are a threat. Nerds will buy this. There is no greater pain than stepping on a LEGO. We’d be taken out of commission for sure. Oh, it’s diabolical.   [NerdApproved]


When five-year-old brain cancer patient Brayden Denton died, his family decided to honor him by appearing at his funeral dressed as the superheroes he loved: Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Thor, The Hulk, and Iron Man.  What a remarkable display of love and support. I’m so very touched by this. If and when I go, I hope my friends and family would do the same. Looking down from the heavens to see my 90 year old grandmother in a Thor costume would bring a smile to by spirited face.  [BoingBoing]


One does not simply play with Guardians of the Galaxy mini-bobble heads, without singing the familiar “oogachaka!” chant.  [Marvel]


First 1/6th scale Tyrion Lannister action figure. I’m quite honestly surprised at how easily and quickly I took to 8-inches of Dinklage. [ToplessRobot]

X-Men Infographic

This X-Men info-graphic will help you short out all the characters of the X-Men history over the last 50 years. Kate Willaert created this for  Just whip this out when you’re trying to prove your point at the local comic shop when arguing about X-Men: Days of Future Past. [Nerd Approved]

Facts about Nintendo. It’s labeled as “Nintendo Facts That Will Change the Way You Play”. Zero of these facts changed the way I play. I feel lied to. Though, I can play the games knowing I felt lied to. So, yeah, I guess they were right.  [Dorkly]

The Legend of Zelda theme played on Glasses, Pots and Beer Bottles. I wonder how many pieces of pottery and glassware they smashed in advance of this. I mean, that’s what you do in the game. I can only imagine they had the same temptation in real-life.  [TastfullyOffensive]

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