Stan The Man Responds to Goyer’s She-Hulk Comments


Hey! Comic nerds! Did anything, I don’t know, incidiary happen on the internet in the last 24 hours? Haha. I’m kidding of course. By now you will have surely heard about David Goyer‘s alleged smack talk about She-Hulk in the midst of an all-star screenwriters panel on a live edition of John August’s ScriptNotes podcast. In no uncertain terms, Goyer said that She-Hulk was as a sexed up male fantasy whose sole function was to be a girl only the Hulk could, ahem, love. Leaving aside the ickiness of She-Hulk being Man-Hulk’s cousin and everything, a lot of people are of the opinion that Goyer’s comments are off the mark, and one of them is She-Hulk’s co-creator Stan “The Man” Lee.

“Never for an instant did I want her as a love interest for Hulk,” Lee told Comic Riffs (via The Washington Post). “Only a nut would even think of that…. As for her looking beautiful and curvy, show me the superheroine who isn’t.”

Goyer maybe, as Lee put it, “a nut,” but there is a debate as to whether or not Goyer was genuine in his remarks. Maybe he was joking around, or maybe he was poking the giant sleeping tiger that is comic book nerdom with a giant needle. Either way, he’s opened a big kettle of fish on this one.

To recap, during a live recording of ScriptNotes to benefit the Writers Guild Foundation, Goyer made a couple of off-color comments about comic books and comic book characters while taking part in a panel with fellow film scribes Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center), Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). Along with a bizarre remark about the pointlessness of Martian Manhunter, here’s what he had to say about She-Hulk.

“I have a theory about She-Hulk. Which was created by a man, right? And at the time in particular I think 95 percent of comic-book readers were men, and certainly almost all of the comic-book writers were men. … And so then they created She-Hulk, right? Who was still smart, so it was like, I think She-Hulk is the chick that you could fuck if you were Hulk, you know what I’m saying?… She-Hulk was the extension of the male power fantasy. So it’s like if I’m going to be this geek who becomes the Hulk, then let’s create a giant green porn star that only the Hulk could fuck.”

I know. I heard it too. Here’s some music:

But in Goyer’s defense, and I brace myself as I say this, haven’t a lot of cover artists used She-Hulk as, if not a Playboy model, then certainly a Maxim model? I mean, Google “She-Hulk covers” if you doubt it. Food for thought anyway, and certainly there’s a lot of food about this on the internet today. Sound off with your thoughts about the Goyer/She-Hulk controversy below.

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