Disney Infinity is, for me, that game I want to play so desperately, but can’t bring myself to invest in the necessary start up hardware. Maybe that means Disney Infinity isn’t really for me, seeing as I’m not enough of a collector to get behind the novelty of owning the characters as tiny replicas in addition to playing as them in a virtual world. And if I were being honest, I’d likely tire of the game within a month and all those little figurines would just become something else to dust. Yet, with Disney acquiring more and more properties – Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm – on top of their own beloved characters and movies, the possibilities of Disney Infinity begin to look more enticing and, well, infinite.

Which brings us to this new trailer for Disney Infinity’s latest incorporated propertyThe Avengers. Sure, it’s a marketing scheme a six-year old would dream up, but it’s also the best and most profitable option they have. And if completing races and puzzles as Jack Sparrow, Sully or Woody didn’t appeal to you or your kids, then perhaps Iron Man, Captain America or the Hulk does.

Watch the new play set trailer in where The Avengers team up and battle Loki across New York City’s cutesy, animated skyline and tell me you’re not even the tiniest bit more interested in Disney Infinity.

If that doesn’t do the trick, maybe when Disney makes the inevitable announcement Star Wars is coming to Infinity, then we’ll talk.

Until then, I’d also like to petition for perhaps, oh, I don’t know, a few more inherently DISNEY characters in Disney Infinity. Just a thought. I dig the Pixar characters, and clearly the influx of Marvel super heroes has me rethinking my initial opposition to the game’s high upfront costs, but I’d be even more inclined if I could play as Simba, Aladdin, Bambi, Dumbo, Pinocchio–just, I don’t know, ANY classic character. Hell, I actually perplexed why they haven’t thrown in at least a few Disney Princesses, arguably the companies most popular brand.

Anyway, the odd exclusion of their own characters – like, seriously, not even a single dwarf! – aside, has the new trailer of The Avenger’s play set made Disney Infinity a more appealing game? And for those who’ve already invested in Infinity, are The Avengers your next buy?

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