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As the Michael Bay money machine rolls on, Transformers: Age of Extinction continues its marketing deluge. With little over a month to go before it hits the big screen, the powers-that-be would like to fill as many seats as possible. And so, we present to you three new TV spots along with a brand new poster for the film. Scroll on to drown in all the Transformers explody-ness that you can possibly handle.

First and foremost, this shiny new poster featuring the cast of Age of Extinction chilling with Optimus Prime and looking ready to blow shit up.

age of extinction poster

The first trailer is entitled ‘Faith’ and features – what else – explosions and robots.

The second trailer has no official title and features… okay, so it’s more explosions and giant robots.

And finally, the third trailer, aka ‘Truck’. Which is filled with… you know the rest. Just watch it already.

I can’t say there’s really anything in the new trailers that hasn’t been in the old ones, but hey, at least they mixed them differently, right? Bay has expressed his intention to take some of the goof out of the franchise and move Transformers to a darker place. Regardless of said promises, it is Michael Bay, so we probably can’t expect too much in the way of quality filmmaking. Either way, it’s still coming out and plenty of people are still going to see it. May God save their souls.

If you’re one of the Bay loyals, feel free to check out Transformers: Age of Extinction when it lands in theaters on June 27th.


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