Word is making the Internet water-cooler rounds that Boardwalk Empire‘s Charlie Cox is most likely Marvel‘s choice to take on the role of Daredevil on the new Netflix TV show.

*Update: THR is reporting that Cox has been cast to play Marvel’s blind attorney Matt Murdock in the Netflix television series about to start shooting in New York. Looks like Charlie Cox will be slinging Daredevil’s billy-club at bad guys in Hell’s Kitchen next year.

Latino Review is reporting this bit of casting, or at least that Cox is at the front of the line when it comes to casting the role. Cox is at that precarious breakout position that many young actors find themselves. A few movie roles and one solid television role in their background, just waiting for that one role to really leap them to the top of the acting line. Could this role be that make or break role for Cox?

Cox is believed now available after an untitled CBS series starring John Cussack he was involved with was not picked up by the network. Now we all know that Latino Review is hit or miss on these types of things, so take this with a grain of salt, but on the other hand, more often than not, they’ve hit the mark.

What do you think? There’s got to be some Boardwalk Empire fans out there that have an opinion, would he be a good choice?

Via: Latino Review

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