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Though most involved in the production of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flick are keeping tight-lipped about what to expect, it always seems as if movie-making geek guru Kevin Smith has some sort of inside track on the entire thing. Thankfully for the fans, he’s not quite as quiet as the rest of them (or is being specifically contracted by the studio to leak selective information?). The latest bit of news to come out of the man’s mouth involves Warner Bros./DC’s plans to turn Batman v Superman into a fully-fledged franchise mega-builder. Read on for the info.

When chatting about his general dislike of the new movie’s name, Smith had this to say:

It’s a bit of a mouthful. And also, I don’t know why Batman V. Superman. Why not just throw the “s” in there? Or spell it or something like that. Or honestly, every comic book fan on the planet, who is a DC comic book fan, I think we all wanted to see Batman/Superman: World’s Finest.

He then went on to talk about how the new movie is little more than a set-up for a string of movies that will bring the story of the Justice League to the big screen in all its glory:

But look, they’re obviously beginning something, and there’s a stretch of these flicks. And so this is the beginning of the Justice League, as we all suspected as they were announcing that cast. We were like, ‘This is the beginning of a Justice League movie.’ From what I understand now, it’s no longer like, ‘This is Superman 2.’ They’re not doing these things. They’re doing like, ‘Here’s Man of Steel. Here’s Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ The next one is not like a sequel to one of the characters. They’re just going to keep building their universe for about five or six movies….But all of them…it’s supposed to tell one massive story, which is all Justice League oriented.

So it looks like we have a pile of DC to look forward to. And for those of us that loved director Zack Snyder’s interpretation of Superman, it could be a pretty amazing set of films. The next one is, of course, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Justice League is supposedly set for 2017 and then there will no doubt be more than a few solo flicks. The only question is – Where does it all lead? Do they really know where they’re going with all this, or is DC just trying to play catch-up and grab a piece of the super hero cash-pie?

What say the Nerd Readers? Excited to hear that DC is finally getting its time on the big screen? Or are you in the anti-Snyder camp with regards to how it’s being put together?



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