Mars Crain is not the first actor to make his desire to portray Marvel‘s Luke Cage, but he certainly does it with flair, and if I learned anything from watching Office Space a zillion times, flair is important!

In an effort to help those Marvel decision makers that are currently casting for the Marvel/Netflix TV shows DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, Crain put together a little sizzle reel. Perhaps he can peak their interest enough to get a reading for the part.

You may not have heard of Crain, but he’s appeared in Hancock, Key and Peele, and has a role in the upcoming Jena Malone/Joaquin Phoenix film set in the 70’s Inherent Vice. Check out his sizzle reel below.

My only complaint is the lack of huge chains in that fight scene. Imagine the same fight, but now Cage grabs some huge chains later in the fight, using them to end it, then taking them and draping the chains over his neck as he leaves.

Crain’s got that imposing Luke Cage body and he’s definitely the guy you want covering your back in a bar fight, but after that everyone’s second question will be:

Does he have the acting talent pull off a convincing and captivating Luke Cage?

When going up against some of the other better known, already proven actors that have expressed an interest in the Luke Cage role (Terry Crews, Idris Elba, and Isiah Mustafa), Crain is going to have to do more than look the part, he’ll have to act the part.

Luckily, a commenter over at CBM posted the video below of Crain reading scenes from John Q, Training Day, and Be Cool. Take a look and meet me on the other side.

Damn, that was pretty damn good. more than enough to get him a reading in my opinion. That sizzle reel needed to show off his skill in this type of acting and not just the physical side of the role. Hopefully those that the sizzle reel is aimed at will also find this video.

The title roles in the Netflix Marvel series are plum gigs. Not only will those actors have the exposure of a television show, but it also opens up Marvel movie roles for those characters, perhaps even a feature film starring the Defenders characters.

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