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ABOVE: Skirts and Swords, the cosplay group who made waves with their stellar Sailor Moon Biker Gang, and back with this whopper: Gotham Bunnies. Inspired by the art of Oskar Vega with photography by Greg De Stefano (who’s also Bat-Heff in the above shot), check out more over at Fashionably Geek.

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it. [Buzzfeed]


Aliens looks even better in LEGO, dontcha think? Missing Brick of Flickr used LEGO pieces to recreate many iconic scenes from the James Cameron classic, check out more at Laughing Squid.


That’s one hell of a The Little Mermaid tattoo. [Buzzfeed]


Just what’s needed when you enter the real world and face life’s toughest boss battle: STUDENT LOAN DEBT. [Fashionably Geek]


…deet deet deet… deet deet deet… We interrupt you’re regularly scheduled Nerdy Bits for this New York Comic Fest interview!

We love comic book conventions… not just big, splashy pop culture filled cons like the ones put on in San Diego, New York City, and through Wizard World, but also COMIC BOOK conventions like the upcoming New York Comic Fest (June 14th). Launched by the same fellows (Robert Bruce and Cliff Galbraith) who produce the Asbury Park Comic Con every year, the New York Comic Fest has set up shop in White Plains, New York (which is pretty reachable from New Jersey, NYC and points north, Long Island, northeastern Pennsylvania and Connecticut) at the Westchester County Center and they are welcoming an impressive roster of comic luminaries that includes Scott Snyder, Mark Waid, Jim Steranko, Denny O’Neil, Ann Nocenti and others.

You can learn all about the New York Comic Fest on their website, but for prospective attendees and those interested in the comic con business, we have a special interview with Cliff Galbraith on the convention and what fans can expect.

Let’s get down to the heart of it, what kind of time am I going to have at the New York Comic Fest?

Cliff Galbraith: You should have a blast — plenty of great deals on comics, trivia contests, cosplay, the Batmobile, Bat Cycle. If you like panels, we’ve got two panels each hour in two rooms with some of the top talent in comics, past and present. We’ve got the greatest concentration of talent of any convention in the area.

How many vendors will you have, who are some of the big name guests?

We’ll have over 150 exhibitors, artist, writers, and dealers. Our Writer Guest of Honor is the hottest writer in comics, Scott Snyder of Batman, Superman Unchained, and The Wake. Our Artist Guest of Honor is the legendary Jim Steranko. Other big names are Eisner Award winning Daredevil writer Mark Waid, Silver Age Batman writer Denny O’Neil, GI Joe writer Larry Hama, Legion writer Paul Levitz, Famous Monsters artist Basil Gogogs, Ramones cover artist John Holmstrom, Ren and Stimpy co-creator Bob Camp, Evan Dorkin, Herb Trimpe, Luke McDonnell, and many more!

Besides Mark Waid, Scott Snyder and your other guests — what does this show have that bigger shows won’t have?

A soul. We’re not a convention machine. We do this because we want to restore comic creators to the top of the bill and not be in the shadow of actors, wrestlers, and zombies. Our shows are about the art form of comics and the people who create them.

We offer lower ticket price, easy access to creators, incredible panels. New York Comic Fest is very family friendly. There’s cosplay contests for all ages, and comic art workshops for kids, too. We’re a suburban con — fans, and especially families can get in and get out easily, without dealing with the hassle of the big city. And if fans want to come in from NYC, we’re just a 30 minute ride on Metro North out of Grand Central Station in Manhattan. The White Plains train station is right next to the convention.

Talk to me about cosplay opportunities, will there be any costume contests or giveaways?

There’s a variety of cosplay categories and lots of opportunity to win. We give out awards, and some big name toy companies and DC Comics have supplied us with prizes.

How about a code of conduct and anti-harassment policy? Is there one in place?

We’re very serious about “look but don’t touch.” Some people get the wrong idea if cosplayers expose a bit of skin, which is generally much less than is revealed at the beach or community pool. Our staff has been briefed on how to deal with complaints and we’ll post signs to warn potential creeps that they face possible criminal penalties if they violate the law. We’ve never had an incident at one of our shows, but we want to keep it that way and want our cosplayers to know our shows are a safe place. The White Plains police will be on site to deal with any trouble makers.

What part of this experience are you most looking forward to, besides fielding my lovely questions?

That moment when I get say “Okay, let’em in!” It’s a great feeling, seeing all those fans who’ve showed up for something we’ve worked on for an entire year. It never gets old.

What I wish I could see is all the panels. I scheduled all of them, so they’re all subjects I’m interested in. But I never get to see them.

Thanks, Cliff! We hope to see all of you New York Comic Fest on June 14th! Now, we return you to Nerdy Bits, already in progress.


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