True Detective still stands as the best film I’ve seen all year (which is technically cheating, I know). Made with an auteurist mindset, the HBO series’ First Season told a complete story that sported stellar turns from leads Matthew McConaughey (whose work as Rust Cohle is better than that which he won a Best Actor Oscar for) and Woody Harrelson, not to mention a star-making performance behind the lens from Cary Fukunaga (who I’d imagine is batting away offers left and right). While the rest of the world is salivating over the cannibalistic delights of Hannibal, I’d argue that True Detective did the “artistic serial killer procedural” far better.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news regarding the series’ Second Season, to the point that they’ve created the unendingly hilarious #TrueDetectiveSeason2 hashtag as a means of fan-casting creator Nic Pizzolatto’s next eight-hour opus. Now the notoriously tight-lipped show-runner has finally dropped some hints about the second go ’round, and the tidbits will more than likely drive those who obsess over the series’ prospects to carve their own little families out of Lone Star tall boys. 

Speaking with the To the Best of Our Knowledge public radio program, Pizzolatto said:

“Right now, we’re working with three leads. It takes place in California — not Los Angeles, but some of the much lesser known venues of California — and we’re going to try to capture a certain psychosphere ambiance of the place, much like we did in season one. The characters are all new, but I’m deeply in love with each of them. We’ve got the entire series broken out with a couple of scripts, and we’ll probably start casting in earnest in the coming months.”

“Casting in earnest”? Sounds like he’s already got a few folks in mind (though not Jessica Chastain, unfortunately). Thus far, we know that the new season will revolve around “hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system” and will more than likely feature more than one director behind the camera. While I know it’s definitely a long-shot, can I please request Brian De Palma for just one episode? And if that doesn’t work out (which it won’t, because BDP doesn’t “do” TV) can I ask for Jonathan Demme as my second choice?

For those super bummed about never getting to see Rust Cohle and Marty Hart on screen again, Pizzolatto has previously stated we could see more adventures from the combative duo in book form sometime in the future. Maybe they can wrangle up McConaughey and Harrelson for the audio book?

Meanwhile, Season One of True Detective hits DVD/blu-ray June 10, for those fans who truly view time as a flat circle.

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