This article isn’t an actual parody of Star Wars reporting, but it’s still going to read as such.

While she arguably created one of the most iconic screen characters of all time, Carrie Fisher is still looking to tweak her own performance in JJ Abrams’ upcoming, untitled Episode VII. Ever the perfectionist (I guess…), Fisher spoke at the Hay Festival in Wales over the weekend and admitted that she views the first film in Abrams’ new trilogy as an opportunity to fine-tune her portrayal of Princess Leia.

The Daily Express picked up the quotes, in which Fisher says she’s looking to “get it right” this time:

“I think less British. I looked a little pretentious faking the accent.”

Along with the accent, it seems as if Leia is going to become an iconoclastic fashionista in her old age, as the buns might not be coming back.

“That hairdo can never really be repeated without gales of laughter. I’ve begged them to put the hair back on in grey and just catch me cooking with the hair, like Granny Leia.”

To add insult to this non-story injury, Fisher shied away from divulging any story details whatsoever, utilizing the now trademarked ‘no comment’ for JJ Abrams productions:

“I would get in trouble no matter how I answer that question.”

So there you have it: Leia will be “right” this go round. What that actually means is as much a mystery to me as it is to you. What might’ve made for a better story is if Fisher had just said “I’m gonna fuck this shit up good and proper.” Then we’d have nerds screaming jihad left and right, which might actually add a little excitement to writing Star Wars story #1,208,605,203,563,291.

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