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Today seems to be the day for costume speculation when it comes to the upcoming Warner Bros./DC production, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Earlier today there was a picture of a redesigned Superman costume design that supposedly leaked from the set of the movie. Now, some folks are claiming they know what Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman’s super outfit is going to look like. Scroll on to see what we may (or may not) be seeing come summer of 2016.

The folks over at MoviePilot are claiming they know the truth of the matter and, if they are to be believed, this is the incarnation of Wonder Woman’s suit that we’ll be seeing on the big screen:

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Makes sense to me. I think we’ve gotten to the point with super hero movies that any right-thinking individual knows that throwing a heroine into a bathing suit and expecting her to be taken seriously while fighting baddies just isn’t going to happen. It may be fine for the comics, but new mediums demand changes. Luckily, Wonder Woman has a costume that is perfect for big screen and even if Zack Snyder and company decide against this particular design they’ll likely choose something very similar.

What say the Nerd Readers? Any preference on which Wonder Woman outfit you’d prefer to see in the movie? Is this the costume you’re looking for?

Check out the costumes in all their glory when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters on May 6th, 2016.


Source: MoviePilot

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